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Open floor plan: The decorative style you want to know




Have you ever thought of combining the bathroom with the dressing room or the kitchen with the dining room? This is part of the “open concept” decorative style. Here’s what you need to know about it.

If you want to make better use of your spaces, an open floor plan is a decorative style that you will love. This style is all about creating a spacious distribution, which is why it is the best way to take advantage of small homes and living spaces.

These days, the open floor plan has many supporters. This is because our needs have changed, and families are no longer as large as they used to be. Likewise, apartments and living spaces are getting smaller.

An open-plan interior design makes spaces less overwhelming

If you have a remodeling project, it’s a good idea to know all the options the market has to offer, including open-plan interior design. However, to take full advantage of it, you may need to demolish some walls (and then be careful not to take down load-bearing walls, columns, or beams).

1. Integrated kitchen and dining room

Here it is about knocking down the walls that separate these two areas. Yes, we know that these are traditionally perceived as isolated areas, but you do the separation in an open plan in a different way. To set a boundary between the spaces, you can use a kitchen island, a table, or even just a carpet.

That way you can be social with the rest of your family while you prepare dinner. If you don’t like food invading other spaces, you can place sliding glass doors in between that you can close while cooking.

Then, when you’re done cooking, you can just open the doors so that the open floor plan gets its space again. Don’t forget to make sure you have a good cooking fan in the kitchen; it helps against odors and os.

2. An open plan for the bathroom and wardrobe

Yes, this is a wonderful solution that will give you the feeling that your bathroom will rise to another level! Just imagine: you step out of the shower straight into the wardrobe. Imagine a well-equipped wardrobe with mirrors, carpets, and beautiful design.

The best thing is that you don’t have to go from the bedroom through the bedroom to the wardrobe. As silly as it sounds, it makes a big difference, especially if you live with someone.

If, for example, you and your partner have different schedules, this is a good solution to not disturb each other’s sleep. With this floor plan, you don’t have to turn on the bedroom light while you get ready for work.

3. Integrate the bedroom, bathroom, and wardrobe?

This can be a risky venture if you share a room with others. After all, many of us like to have some privacy when we’re in the bathroom.

But there are some solutions that allow you to go to the toilet in peace. For example, you can add a wall with frosted glass as a boundary.

It all depends on what you are looking for and what your budget is. It is also very important to remember good ventilation in the bathroom to remove odors.

Factors to consider for an open-plan style

Keep in mind that it’s not just about giving shape to space; there are also some basic steps you must take so that the remodeling project does not end in disaster:

  • It is a good idea to hire an expert on the subject. Keep in mind that in addition to aesthetics, there are other points to consider, such as height differences, electrical wiring, water and sewer pipes, and the lighting layout.
  • You must be able to maintain order and cleanliness in the space. If you have a combined living room and kitchen, for example, your visitors will have visual access to the kitchen area because there are no dividing walls or doors to hide it.
  • Make sure to choose a wardrobe with doors, not an open one, as this gives a better visual impression in terms of the order.
  • Try to keep your furniture and accessories in good condition so that your visitors get a good visual impression.

An open floor plan gives you a sense of freedom

Some think that the open floor plan creates a feeling of freedom . Perhaps it is due to the fact that there are not as many divisions as in a traditional house.

So what do you think? Just remember that before remodeling your home in this style, it is best to consult an expert first, as you need to be sure that you are not doing something that knows the basic structure of your home.

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