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The best trees and shrubs for privacy in the garden




Trees and shrubs are an excellent alternative to creating privacy in the garden in a natural way

Trees and shrubs are an excellent alternative to creating privacy in the garden in a natural way. Learn all about the best trees and shrubs to create privacy in your garden or around your patio so you can make your space your own.

It is important that your patios are private if you are to be able to enjoy them to the fullest. After all, nosy neighbors can ruin a family reunion or a gathering with friends in a second. To avoid this, you can, for example, plant some trees and bushes for privacy in the garden or on the terrace.

Although gardening may not be your forte, you probably like to spend a large part of the day or weekend during the summer months in your garden and enjoy the fresh air. Therefore, we would like to recommend some plant species whose properties make them function as green walls that can easily be integrated into the natural environment.

Bamboo to provide privacy in the garden

The first of the options is the well-known bamboo plant. This plant grows tall and can add style and elegance to any garden.

The idea is to plant several in a row in front of a wall or fence that you want to cover. As a hardy evergreen plant, bamboo has a reputation for easily growing out of control and taking over the area.

However, this is only partly true and the bamboo can be held so that it stays in place. The variety that is best suited for patios Fargesia. It is a good idea to plant it in a flower bed or in pots so that it does not spread to the whole garden.

Brakved (Rhamnus alaternus)

This species is not as leafy as bamboo, but it can grow up to 8 meters tall, so if you need privacy at height, it is an excellent option. It is very hardy and you will have green all year round with this plant!


Although they may not be among the first things that come to mind when it comes to providing privacy to the garden, cacti look very beautiful and decorative when planted in a row. The main advantage of cacti is that they are very easy to maintain and some species even produce beautiful flowers.


This is a very decorative shrub that stays green all year round, which is really something that speaks in favor of this little plant. It is usually placed in tall pots and it does well in small spaces.

A row of four or five pots of this shrub will look good in any outdoor space, whether in a garden or on a more intimate patio.

Hedges for privacy in the garden

Hedges are a classic in gardens and they never seem to go out of style. They require very little maintenance, stay green all year round, and are resistant to all weather conditions.

It is recommended to plant them in large areas. Otherwise, they can make the garden look small and cramped. One of the most popular types of shrubs used in hedges is laurel ( Prunus laurocerasus ) because it is very leafy and the leaves have characteristics that make them look brilliant green.

Another type of shrub that does well as a hedge is EscalloniaIts medium-sized and deep green evergreen leaves make it one of the best options for creating privacy in the garden. In addition, it gets fancy flowers that vary between pink, white and red, which makes it very decorative.


These trees are ideal for gardens surrounded by buildings. Because they are so bushy, they are great for hiding behind. They do not require much maintenance, and their height means that you cannot look in from the outside.

Skavfräken (Winter Horsemen)

This is a very attractive and decorative plant that covers space relatively well. It can be grown in decorative or rustic pots to form a green hedge. It is a plant that gives an excellent result when it comes to providing privacy in the garden.

Climbing plants and vines to create privacy in the garden

These plant types are a favorite for those who have outdoor areas such as gardens and terraces adjacent to their neighbors’ land. A climbing plant is a good solution if you have a fence separating two terraces. In addition to privacy in the garden, you get plenty of greenery, shade, and ventilation.

Ivy is one of the most used plants in this style. This plant is very good at providing privacy in the garden. If you want it to climb over a wall, simply attach a wire mesh for the branches to cling to.

Rosehip (Rosa chinensis)

This species is highly sought after because its flowers in late summer, in addition to providing a lot of greenery and privacy to the garden, add incredible color. With a China rose, you really get everything in one: Greenery, flowers, and dense foliage.

Give way

A cedar is a tree whose leaves are extremely elegant and unusual. They have small cones from which emerge the leaves which look like small bundles of needles. By planting several cedar trees in a row, you form a very attractive and natural wall.


This shrub is an ornamental shrub that is used to cover spaces that do not require very tall plants. Hydrangea flowers are very dense and abundant, so they will provide both beautiful color and visual impact.

A natural form of privacy in the garden with trees and bushes

We hope this modest list of species you can plant in your garden or around your patio will help you solve the problem of nosy neighbors wanting to see what’s going on in your patios.

Before choosing one of these, or any other plant, be sure to learn about their characteristics and needs to be sure they can thrive in your garden.

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